Partnerships with Existing Practices

You’ve built a great Physical Therapy practice, now you can capitalize on your success and still stay in the game through a partnership with U.S. Physical Therapy.

  • We'll pay you handsomely for a percentage of your business.
  • You'll continue to be an owner.
  • You'll still be in charge.
  • You'll receive a salary plus you get your share of the future profits.
  • Your backend buyout of retained equity is guaranteed.

Take Some Money Off The Table NOW.

You’ve built a business that has value. You’ve spent a great deal of time and money to do this - perhaps to the exclusion of other investments. Diversify! We pay a multiple of your company’s earnings, in cash, to acquire a majority interest in the practice.

Retain An Equity Position.

You’ve worked extremely hard to build your brand and reputation. We know that this business is built on relationships. Some companies want to buy you out and tell you, as an employee, what to do with your business. We want you to stay and be our PARTNER. You keep your identity and continue to call the shots.

Hear from our Partner in 65 clinics in Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky

STAR Physical Therapy

"STAR Physical Therapy is a relationship and service driven company. Focusing on quality and service has allowed us to develop great bonds with our patients, physician referral sources, and staff and we strive to be an integral part of the healthcare community of the cities and towns where we operate.

"We believe that our partnership with U.S. Physical Therapy has allowed us to achieve greater levels of success, attract and develop great clinicians and managers, and continue to make a positive change in people's lives." - Regg Swanson, M.S., ATC. Partner, Nashville, Tennesee

Know Your Partner...

A great concern for many private practitioners is selling their practice to an entity —only to have it gobbled up by someone else in a short period of time. The people who you thought were your partners suddenly are out of the picture.

U.S. Physical Therapy has been around for over 20 years. We operate over 480 clinics in 42 states – all in partnership with therapists. The company is publicly held company and has the best capital structure in the physical therapy sector. The majority of USPh's senior management team members are clinicians – we understand the business and what it takes to be successful.

Since partnering with USPh in 2006, we have not only kept our identity and our philosophy, but have been able to accelerate our growth by accessing new financial resources and a wealth of business support. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

As clinicians and business owners, we think USPh is a great fit primarily because the company's leaders are clinicians, too. There’s a family feel and a genuine caring approach to the relationship and we see eyetoeye on the important decisions because we all have a 'patient care first' approach. When you do that, we believe the business takes care of itself. The ongoing transition of merging the companies has been managed in such a way as to not disrupt important relationships or distract the frontline caregivers. Nothing is ever 'forced down our throats' and operations are always approached with a giveandtake attitude."
-Regg Swanson, M.S., ATC. Partner, Nashville, Tennessee